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zodiac sign thing


aries- emo

taurus- weak ass bitch

gemini- ass lovin trash

cancer- water loving son of a bitch

leo- asshole who thinks theyre funny

virgo- pokèmon master

libra- loser nerd

scorpio- swaggy cool kid

sagittarius- shrek worshipper

capricorn- annoying piece of uncool

aquarius- boobie lovin cunt

pisces- bee movie jerk

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when you need to cough in an exam but you’ve already coughed like twice so you just sit there suffocating

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Hey if anyone is interested, this is my Nintendo friend code, so you can add me on your friend list, i don’t mind.

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someone: what are your plans for the weekend
me: who knows
me: (i know)
me: (i'm not leaving the house)


*releases 420 cows into a field* hahahaha graze it

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